7 Proven Strategies on How to Motivate Remote Employees

how to motivate remote employees - a picture of a woman who is motivated at work

Remote employment has become increasingly welcomed and embraced worldwide. However, this does not mean it is without challenges. One known challenge is how to keep remote employees motivated. As organizations embrace remote work models, the need to effectively motivate remote teams is both ideal and beneficial. Motivating remote employees is not just about keeping them […]

Benefits of Outsourcing Project Management Tasks

an image showing how outsourcing project management is managed

Why do businesses choose to outsource project management tasks? Many business owners find outsourcing project management tasks useful for several reasons. One essential reason is the access to specialized expertise not readily available internally. Project management requires a unique set of skills, including planning, coordination, risk management, and communication. Outsourcing these tasks allows businesses to […]

Characteristics and Benefits of a Remote Model Employee

an image showing what a remote model employee is about

Finding an exceptional remote talent to embody the role of a remote model employee is not easy for business owners as they navigate through the challenges of virtual collaboration. However, with the assistance of an offshore staffing provider like Assign, identifying and nurturing these invaluable assets becomes not just a possibility, but a strategic advantage. […]

Cultivating Success: Elements of Strong Company Culture

an image showing elements of strong company culture

Business owners face a myriad of challenges, but one of the most pressing is the struggle to foster a cohesive and vibrant company culture. With increasing globalization, remote work, and diverse workforce dynamics, maintaining a strong sense of identity and shared values can be daunting. Yet, amidst this complexity, the importance of cultivating a robust […]