Navigating the Challenges of Offshore Staffing

Offshore staffing has become an increasingly popular strategy to access global talent

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Offshore staffing has become an increasingly popular strategy to access global talent and enhance operational efficiencies.  However, this approach is not without its challenges. Cultural differences, time zone disparities, and communication barriers can complicate the seamless integration of offshore teams. 

Let’s discuss some of these challenges and how to avoid them.

Offshore Staffing: What could go wrong?

One of the most significant challenges in offshore staffing is the variance in workplace cultures and practices. A cohesive working environment begins with cultural compatibility. 

Survey the current team first to determine if adopting an offshore strategy will cause conflict. Shocking your team with a cheaper labor solution without proper notice is not a good idea. It’s a surefire way to upset the team and spark panic. 

It’s much easier to get ahead of the situation and talk about the benefits, such as less burnout and more time for creative work, rather than having the team think they’re on the way out the door!

The first step in cultural adaptation is to lay the foundation for the team. A great way to start is a cultural orientation and training sessions for offshore teams and domestic staff to bridge this gap. These sessions should cover everything from work ethic to communication styles, ensuring mutual respect and understanding.

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Offshore Staffing: Global Time-Jugging

Working across different time zones can disrupt the workflow and affect productivity. From the start, clarifying your expectations regarding time zones is crucial.

It’s common for offshore staff to work in your time zone, which shouldn’t be a concern. However, there are four main options to consider:

Your Local Time Zone

If the role requires the talent to work in your time zone, this is perfectly acceptable and normal. For instance, some people in the Philippines prefer this to avoid the heat.

Overlapping Hours

A common solution is to find a middle ground. You and your talent can establish a 2-4 hour period for collaboration, feedback, and addressing questions. During your off hours, they fill in the remaining hours. 

Asynchronous Work

Opting for asynchronous work is an excellent choice, especially for knowledge workers. Teams will contribute at different times rather than in real-time. This requires robust communication and project management systems, but it can be highly effective when done correctly.

The Night/Day Shift

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘making money while you sleep’? Well, you could have your talent working while you sleep. This approach is a great way to operate 24 hours and extend your operating hours. Treat the time difference as a feature, not a bug.

The option you choose depends on your business preference and team dynamics, but it’s not something you should worry about.

Clear Communication, Closer Teams

Trust, transparency, and effective communication are the foundations of successful offshore staffing. 

Utilizing the right technology is key to facilitating this communication. Platforms such as Slack, Zoom, Skype, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams help ensure that geographical distance is no obstacle to effective teamwork.

Keeping operations and communications transparent is essential for fostering a culture of trust. Provide regular updates, engage in open discussions about challenges, and share progress reports to show teams they are part of building and maintaining a business. 

These efforts build confidence among all stakeholders and strengthen the relationship between the offshore team and the domestic staff.

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Unlocking the Power of Global Talent

Have you ever had a bad hire? You may have heard about offshore talent disappearing. 

Unfortunately, this happens domestically, too.  

Partnering with an offshore agency like Assign eliminates the headache and worries about quality. Our offshore talent undergoes rigorous vetting to comply with our partner’s standards and requirements, which include: 

  • Skills Assessment
  • In-Dept Interviews
  • Background Check
  • Cultural Fit Evaluation

Beyond our vetting process, we conduct regular performance reviews and feedback sessions. These assessments aim to identify improvement areas and ensure alignment between the offshore team and the company’s goals.

How can Assign help?

Navigating the challenges of offshore staffing requires a strategic approach, cultural sensitivity, and the right technology. 

Now that you’re over your fear of offshore staffing, you can take advantage of its countless benefits. Assign can help you find the best offshore talent for your specific needs. 

Discover how global talent can make a difference with Assign!


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