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Hiring a real estate virtual assistant can completely transform how a business

hire a real estate virtual assistant - Assign!

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant can completely transform how a business operates. In addition to saving time, these assistants enhance overall efficiency. Delegating routine tasks allows real estate professionals to focus on meaningful activities, such as engaging with clients, analyzing the market, and closing deals. This boosts productivity and enhances flexibility and responsiveness in the competitive real estate market. 

When hiring a real estate virtual assistant, it’s crucial to do so thoughtfully to ensure a smooth integration into the workflow. Understanding the intricacies of the real estate industry is essential when training the virtual assistant to fully support the specific needs of property transactions. 

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant is not just a practical solution to administrative problems; it’s a strategic investment that can redefine success in a challenging industry.

Why Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

A real estate virtual assistant is a remote assistant for professionals in the real estate business. These professionals work from various locations, helping out real estate agents, brokers, and others in the field. These assistants do different tasks to make real estate work smoother, allowing professionals to focus on the critical aspects of their business. 

Often located in countries with lower living costs, thus providing a cost-effective means of obtaining administrative support. These professionals perform their jobs from home, supporting real estate businesses by handling tasks that owners want to delegate. Here are some benefits of hiring a real estate virtual assistant:

  • When businesses use virtual assistants, they spend more time on money-making activities, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Virtual assistants assist agents and brokers in finding and connecting with potential clients.
  • They also play a crucial role in managing property listings, performing tasks such as creating attractive website listings and organizing showings and open houses.
  • Virtual assistants can also oversee the entire process of buying or selling a property, from initiating the contract to completing the deal.

Real estate virtual assistants serve as all-in-one support for agents and brokers, handling a variety of tasks. Even though they work remotely, these virtual assistants excel at providing excellent customer service, ensuring the real estate business runs smoothly and looks professional.

What Tasks Can You Entrust to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Real estate professionals often find themselves juggling numerous tasks, such as talking to clients, managing marketing efforts, and handling paperwork. It can be a bit too much, sometimes leading to feeling tired and not getting as much done. 

That’s where a real estate virtual assistant comes in handy. These assistants take care of time-consuming jobs so you can focus on what you’re best at – selling real estate.

With this extra help, real estate professionals can work more efficiently, showing clients a well-organized and professional side, which usually leads to more success in the competitive real estate world.


hire a real estate virtual assistant with Assign


Appointment Setting

Managing appointments is a significant aspect of a real estate agent’s job, ensuring smooth interactions with clients and potential buyers. But it can take up a lot of time and needs careful planning. That’s where a real estate virtual assistant comes in to make the appointment process easier and more efficient.

  • The virtual assistant manages your calendar, using tools that work with your devices and those of others involved. This ensures your schedule stays organized, minimizes potential conflicts, and optimizes the setup of appointments. 
  • Your virtual assistant can create professional invitations with crucial details such as the date, time, and location, enhancing the polished appearance of your real estate business. Reminders are sent on time to everyone involved, reducing the chance of missed meetings and making sure everyone is on the same page.

Email and Chat Support

Talking through email and chat is important for keeping clients happy, and a real estate virtual assistant is your helpful teammate in making sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Your virtual assistant quickly answers emails and chat messages from clients and potential buyers. Your assistant can use ready-made responses for common questions, making sure the information is always right and trustworthy.
  • A virtual assistant can actively check and follow up on new leads from emails and chats. This includes quickly reading messages, answering questions, and making sure potential leads get the attention they need. 

Social Media Management

Social media is a great way for real estate agents to show off their business, but it can be a lot to handle. 

  • Your virtual assistant can create and schedule interesting posts for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They use tools to schedule when these posts go out, allowing agents to maintain a strong online presence without the need for real-time posting.
  • A virtual assistant can also assist in answering comments and messages. This back-and-forth chat helps build a friendly community and shows that the agent is quick to respond, making a good impression on potential clients. Your virtual assistant can actively engage by asking questions, conducting polls, and giving shoutouts to things they create, creating a lively and positive online space for the real estate business.
  • Virtual assistants keep an eye on how the social media accounts are doing. They check important things like how many people are engaging with the posts, how far the posts reach, and record the number of new followers gained. They then compile reports that inform the agent about what’s working well and areas that could be improved. These reports help agents make smart decisions about their social media strategy.


hire a real estate virtual assistant - email marketing


Email Marketing

Using emails to connect with clients and potential customers is great for real estate professionals, and a real estate virtual assistant can make it even better.

  • A virtual assistant is really good at making interesting content for newsletters and marketing emails that fit your real estate style and keep up with what’s happening in the market. They use email platforms to plan and send out campaigns, making sure your messages get to the right people at the right time.
  • Managing the email list is another important job for the virtual assistant. Your assistant can organize your list, put people into groups based on what they like or where they live. This makes it easier to send messages that really fit what each group is interested in. 
  • A virtual assistant also keeps an eye on how well the email campaigns are doing by looking at important numbers like how many people open the emails, click on links, and actually do what the email asks. They use this info to make regular reports that show how well the campaigns are working and give ideas for making them even better. 

Graphic Design

Making things look good in real estate is key to success, and a virtual assistant can help boost visual presence.

  • First off, your virtual assistant can create professionally looking graphics and images that align with your brand. This not only helps people recognize your brand but also makes you look trustworthy and professional.
  • Another thing your assistant can do is enhance your property photos, giving your listings a polished and consistent look.
  • And there’s more – a virtual assistant can also design flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials. These are mini ads for your properties. Your assistant can customize the designs to fit the people you want to reach and the purpose of each material. 

Listing Management & Content Creation

Taking care of property listings & content creation can be a bit overwhelming, but a virtual assistant can make things easier.

  • Virtual assistants can create and update property listings on different websites like the MLS, Zillow, and They make sure all the details are correct and up-to-date.
  • They can also quickly answer questions and give details to people interested in buying or renting. This friendly and quick communication helps build a good connection with potential clients and increases the chances of successful deals.
  • They can write and edit your website’s blog posts, articles, and other stuff. They can optimize SEO content, making your online presence stronger.
  • Your assistant can help find interesting stuff and trends in the real estate world and share it with your audience. This keeps your followers informed and interested in what you’re up to.
  • And your assistant can even help plan out a smart strategy for all your content. This helps boost your presence online and make your real estate business stand out.


hire a real estate virtual assistant - property research


Property Research

Proper property research is crucial for a successful real estate business, and a virtual assistant can make it easier.

  • First, they can dive deep into researching properties and neighborhoods. This thorough research helps ensure you’re well-prepared when looking into new leads and making important decisions.
  • They can help create property profiles and reports. 
  • A virtual assistant can keep you in the loop with regular reports on market trends and changes. They look at what’s happening in the real estate world and give you reports to keep you updated. These reports, with data-driven insights, help you plan ahead.

Follow-up Emails and Phone Calls

Keeping in touch with clients and potential buyers is among the tasks you can delegate to your virtual assistant.

  • Your virtual assistant can make friendly follow-up calls to clients and prospects. These calls are more than just checking in – they’re about building good relationships. Solving any concerns mentioned during these calls contributes to building loyalty and trust.
  • During these calls, they can also help set up property viewings, meetings, or other appointments.
  • A virtual assistant can also conduct quick customer satisfaction surveys during follow-up calls. These surveys are helpful for finding out what people think about your services and where improvements can be made.

Why Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant in the Philippines?

You might wonder whether to go local or international when you’re considering getting a real estate virtual assistant. Let’s take a look at why hiring a Filipino virtual assistant could be a great choice.


Hiring a local virtual assistant in the USA might seem like the obvious choice, but high living costs and wages can make it hard to attract the best candidates. On the other hand, hiring a real estate virtual assistant in the Philippines provides a great solution.

Living costs in the Philippines are much lower than in the USA. This means you can hire a highly skilled Filipino virtual assistant without breaking the bank. You get top-notch help for your real estate business at a fraction of the cost, making it a smart move for your budget without compromising on quality.

Strong Work Ethic

Filipinos are recognized for their exceptional work ethic. They’re well-educated, speak English fluently, and really care about doing a great job. Your Filipino virtual assistant won’t just meet expectations – they’ll go above and beyond, giving your real estate business the dedicated and effective support it needs.

Boost Efficiency

Hiring a Filipino virtual assistant means you get to play with the time zones. While taking a break, your virtual assistant can keep working on your business, finishing tasks, and ensuring everything runs smoothly 24/7. This non-stop workflow can seriously boost your productivity.

Great Communication Skills

English is an official language in the Philippines, a legacy from its time as a U.S. territory from 1898 to 1946. This means that when you hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines, you’re getting someone skilled and fluent in English.

Additionally, the Philippines stands out on the global stage with its vibrant and educated workforce. This highly educated talent pool ensures you hire skilled professionals who can contribute meaningfully to your real estate business.

How Can Assign Help You Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

Here at Assign, we strongly believe in the power of tapping into global talent to make operations more efficient. With our diverse background and experience in various industries, we’ve seen firsthand how having cost-effective offshore talent can make a real difference.

Our team has been right where you are, understanding the importance of finding top-notch offshore talent that can fuel business growth without stretching your resources thin.

Our mission at Assign is simple: we want to connect businesses with outstanding professionals, making it possible for companies to run more smoothly, cut overhead costs, and, most importantly, speed up their growth. We’re passionate about helping businesses not just get by but thrive. And at the same time, we create meaningful opportunities for talented professionals who are eager to make a big impact.


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